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Is Your Fume Hood Safe

Constant Air Volume (CAV) Airflow Monitors

TEL offers two standard models of airflow monitors for constant airflow monitoring applications.

What is the TEL Advantage?

The fume hood manufacturers' choice
Chances are the fume hood alarm you received with your fume hood is a TEL monitor.

Installation is easier
TEL fume hood monitors are designed to fit on even the narrowest fume hood post. The Mark 3 model, for example, mounts in a standard electrical receptacle.

Calibration is easier
There is no need for special tools to calibrate the monitor as is the case with other fume hood monitors in the industry. The calibration procedure with a
TEL monitor is secure, easy to perform, and the digital monitor is password protected.

Performance is better
TEL fume hood alarms use larger diameter, non-kink tubing, which prevents false alarms and works well with low flow fume hoods.

Help is nearby
Free technical assistance for all fume hoods, including but not limited to VAV, bio-safety, explosion proof, asbestos walled models.
A phone call away.

AFA 1000/1 Digital Display Airflow Monitor


-Digital display of face velocity in m/sec or fpm.
-On screen display for Safe and Alarm conditions with audible alarm and LED indication
-Pushbutton calibration and configuration
-Plug-in connections for power supply and airflow sensor
-3 programmable output relays.
-3 configurable inputs
-Com port for local or PC network connection
- high air alarm and sash high warning relays (hardware required)
- 0-10V analog output as standard
air temperature monitoring (requires temperature sensor)
- now has Modbus RTU and BACnet protocols on board (requires INET box)

PRICE: $572.00 USD and $765.00 CDN (as of July 16, 2016), including delivery.
Click here to order your AFA 1000/1.
Call 888-327-4295 for discounts for more than nine fume hood monitors.

For more information, click on Download brochure. Click here for the user manual and installation guide.

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AFA500 Audio-Visual Airflow Monitor

afa500 -Audio visual airflow alarm with integral airflow sensor
-Pushbutton calibration
-Low air alarm relay output
-Relay input for Night Setback to mute audible alarm.

PRICE: $349.00 USD and $469.00 CDN, including delivery. Click here to order your AFA 500.
Call 888-327-4295 for volume discounts for more than nine fume hood alarms.

For more information, click on Download brochure. Click here for the user manual and installation guide.

Visa, Mastercard & purchase orders are welcome.


Mark 2 Bracket kits







Alnor 335 Adapter Kit







For special hood applications, including VAV, walk-in hoods, student hoods, or biological safety cabinets, we have a solution. Even if your older hoods have asbestos liners, we have a safe and non-hazardous solution for you. Call for details.

Each retro-fit kit is complete! There is no need to worry whether you have all the right parts.

There are two installation configurations. The standard Mark 3 configuration is a semi-flush mount that fits perfectly into the standard 2 ” x 3 ” rectangular cutout that you typically find on the corner post of the fume hood

If you do not have a cutout in this dimension, order the Mark 2 bracket kit that enables a simple surface mount installation. And the good news is that the Mark 2 mounting box is absolutely free with your purchase of a monitor!


Installation is easy. Dimensions, instructions, and technical support phone numbers are readily available if you wish to do it yourself. Most often, installation is performed in about half an hour per hood by in-house HVAC or facilities maintenance or engineering personnel. If you do not have access to such expertise, call us and we will refer you to a local CETA (Controlled Environment Testing Association) certified contractor.